Signature Music School

As a Signature Music School we work to integrate music into our daily instruction and provide enriching music opportunities for our scholars. We are part of a music signature campus, and we provide opportunities for our scholars that other schools do not get to provide.

Signature Music was the brainchild of USD 501 Topeka Board of Education. The Topeka Board wanted to give economically disadvantaged students music opportunities to enhance all areas of learning. Signature Music student enrichments include lessons, attendance at local music events, and workshops by professional musicians, dancers, and rappers. Little Kids Rock totally changed the way music is taught for Signature Music. A comprehensive PreK-8 program is used to teach Modern Band instruments, guitar, bass, piano, drums, as well as traditional music offerings to students. Student-led Modern Bands provide realistic environments to make music, leading to playing in the community. Experiential learning lays the foundation for student empowerment and engagement.

Signature Music School utilizes the Little Kids Rock comprehensive modern band curriculum with an emphasis on Carnegie Hall Music Educator's Toolbox assessments. For Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st grade, the ukulele is taught the second semester. 2nd grade is introduced to the piano. During third grade, a rotation of instruments is taught each nine weeks. By the end of the year, every child will have had experience on all the instruments.

  1. Buzz- development for brass instruments. A unit of double reeds as straws is taught. Ukulele and the piano are still incorporated.
  2. Recorder- development for woodwind instruments.
  3. Keyboard instruments-mallet and piano. World drumming for rhythms.
  4. String instruments-development for violin and/or guitar

4th and 5th grade focuses on Modern Band in general music class. This includes guitar, bass, piano, drum set, and vocals. Traditional band and strings are also offered.

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